Portfolio Projects
BIOPREMIER – Inovação e Serviços em Biotecnologia, SA
Biopremier’s expertise is applied to Diagnostics, Taxonomy and Genetic Diversity. Our main activities involve the development of new Diagnostic Kits for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms, species authentication and molecular biology services.
Biopremier is located at the Institute for Applied Science and Technology in the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University.
Gene PreDiT is a biotechnology start-up company launched in 2006, focused on the development of innovative strategies that allow the identification of novel biomarkers and novel applications of pharmaceutical compounds for diseases with high incidence worldwide, based on the study of fruit fly drosophila melanogaster.
Gene PreDiT’s project was awarded with the first prize ex-aequo at the Bioentrepreneur Ideas Contest 2006, organized by APBio (Portuguese Association of Bioindustries) and IAPMEI. Gene PreDiT also gained the support from Neotec, promoted by AdI (Innovation Agency) and from Biocant Park.
Matera is a young company, pioneered in the development and commercialization of nano-materials and coatings with permanent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Matera comprises a set of permanent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating solutions for biomedical applications and also a product line for industrial applications, on which stand antimicrobial nanoparticles that can be applied uniformly to any surface, in order to prevent colonization by microorganisms, in addition to be used at an industrial scale in a simple and practical.
THELIAL TECHNOLOGIES – Finding Drugs Using the Power of the Fly
Thelial Technologies uses its proprietary technology to find candidates for cancer therapy aimed at early and late stage disease using the power of the fruit fly. Cancer is the second biggest killer affecting about 50% of people sometime in their life. Thelial offers its customers time and money savings in drug discovery and high value potential first-in-class drugs with elevated sales potential.
Cynara, Lda is a biotechnology company, focused on the development of enzymatic-based technologies as innovative solutions, for the most diverse applications. Located in Cantanhede, the company was created in 2011, as spin-off from the Molecular Biotechnology Unit of Biocant, with the aim of exploiting enzymes as viable bio-solutions. Presently, Cynara is dedicated to the development and provide of two high-value products to cheese and dermocosmetic markets.

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