About Us
Biocant Ventures was settled up in 2006, resulting from a partnership between Biocant Park, a biotech incubator park located in centre region of Portugal and Beta Capital, a private venture capital company.

In 2011 two new investors joined the firm, Bluepharma, a pharmaceutical company and Portugal Capital Ventures, the Portuguese government held venture capital company.

Biocant Ventures is a pioneer initiative of great structural importance to biotechnology industry in Portugal because it makes possible for young entrepreneurs in this area to have a framework of financing innovation.

We provide support to biotechnological projects relying on a wide range of industry areas such as agro-food, drug discovery, nano-materials, among others.
Executive Board
Roberto Manuel Pinto Pereira Branco
Carlos José Fialho da Costa Faro
Sérgio Paulo de Magalhães Simões

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